How to support a healthy Pancreas

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It’s disturbing how we approach our health problems, spending so much money on problems that we can solve with little or no money.

Flexhealthtips takes a look at a healthy pancreas.

Your pancreas plays a big role in digestion. It is located inside your abdomen, just behind your stomach. It’s about the size of your hand.

During digestion, your pancreas makes pancreatic juices called enzymes. These enzymes break down sugars, fats, and starches. Your pancreas also helps your digestive system by making hormones. These are chemical messengers that travel through your blood.

Pancreatic hormones help regulate your blood sugar levels and appetite, stimulate stomach acids, and tell your stomach when to empty.

These infusions support the health of the pancreas:

1. Dandelion Ginger Tea

Thanks to its antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this ginger and dandelion detox drink is a good complement to cleanse the pancreas.

It regulates inflammatory processes and reduces the negative effects of free radicals associated with cancer.


  1. 1 tbsp grated ginger root (5 g)
  2. 1 tbsp dandelion (10 g)
  3. 2 glasses of water (500 ml)


Place the ginger and the dandelion in a saucepan containing water. Bring to a boil for 5 minutes over low heat. Put a lid on the saucepan, then leave to stand until the preparation is lukewarm.


Drink a cup on an empty stomach, Another cup in the middle of the afternoon.

Repeat the process for 15 days in a row, stop for 15 days, then start again.

2. Celery juice with cucumber and kale

This green juice with detoxifying properties is great for cleansing the pancreas and also improving digestion.

This juice is recommended for high sugar spikes as it improves insulin production and utilization.


  1. 2 celery stalks
  2. ½ cucumber
  3. 3 kale leaves
  4. 1 glass of water (200 ml)


Wash the celery and chop it into small pieces. Cut the cucumber, and put it in a blender with the celery. Add the kale leaves and the glass of water, then blend everything for a few seconds. Serve the drink without filtering it.


Drink this on an empty stomach for 2-3 weeks in a row. Do this treatment every 2 months.

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