How to clean your blood vessel from bad Cholesterol

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It’s disturbing how we approach our health problems, spending so much money on problems that we can solve with little or no money.

Flexhealthtips takes a look at Cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance. It’s not inherently “bad.” Your body needs it to build cells and make vitamins and other hormones. But too much cholesterol can pose a problem.

There are two types of cholesterol in our blood

  • Low density lipoprotein, or LDL,
  • High density lipoprotein, or HDL.

LDL is know as the “bad” cholesterol because it sticks to the lining of the blood vessels, narrowing them and raising the risk of heart attack, stroke or angina pain.

High levels of LDL cholesterol are linked to an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, actually removes harmful cholesterol from the blood vessels

Regular cleansing which can be done in a number of ways is highly recommended for the release of toxins from the body, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels.

It is important to know that cleaning the blood vessels using orthodox drugs causes a lot of side effects, using them should be step after trying natural remedies.

Cleansing is usually done in a variety of ways – from a special diet, consumption of folk remedies, plasmapheresis, and laser blood cleansing.

In this article, we introduce you to this very effective healing procedure.

A lemon and garlic tincture has been used in traditional Tibetan and Russian medicine for centuries.

Garlic and lemon are considered excellent cleaners of blood vessels, lowering bad cholesterol levels, strengthening blood vessel walls and helping to reduce the risk of dangerous diseases such as atherosclerosis.

In addition, this medicinal tincture prevents the formation of cancer cells, which has been repeatedly confirmed by scientific research. Garlic contains high amounts of antioxidants, which aid in regeneration and rejuvenation.


  1. 4 cloves of garlic
  2. 4 medium lemons (with their peel)
  3. 3 liters of boiled water


Wash and clean the garlic and the lemons.

Cut the garlic and the lemons and put into a bowl.

Grind well and divide the resulting mixture into 3 glass jars.

Pour in the boiling water until each jar is full. Cover the jars and leave them in the refrigerator for 3 days.

After 3 days stir the mixture until you get a smooth mixture.


Drink 50 ml of this remedy per day before meals (in 3 times). However, cleaning the blood vessels should start with lower doses (1-2 tbsp).

If there are no side effects, the dose should be increased slowly until you reach the required dose.

The duration of this treatment is 40 days. Cleaning the blood vessels in this way is recommended only once a year.

After using this remedy, blood circulation will be improved as well as lipid composition after using this remedy.

This remedy will also normalize the blood pressure and help improve blood circulation. In addition, this method makes it easy to lose excess weight.

You can consult your doctor after you finish with the treatment.

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