Do you have sex or eat in your dreams? This is what you have to do

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Have you had a dream in which you were eating or having sex in dreams?

Maybe you were eating something delectable. Or perhaps you wouldn’t dare think about having your fantasy meal in reality!

In either case, there’s a good likelihood that your dream has a deeper meaning. What, though, might it be? And how do you approach solving it?

One of the very nasty spiritual attacks that stops you and severely ruins your life is eating or having sex in your sleep. Here is a very effective cure for this type of witchcraft that will stop it from destroying you.



3 sheets of king of herbs
3 seeds of pimp with Guinea


Eating three leaves of king of herbs with three grains of pepper of Guin You will never do this dream again

If you are suffering from any of the issues above, then take the bath below and testify.


  1. Garlic
  2. Raw Unrefined Sea Salt


  1. Peel and blend the Garlic
  2. Pour in a pot, add enough water to it and put to boil
  3. Sieve and Pour in your bathing bucket
  4. Add seven pinch of raw unrefined sea salt
  5. Allow to cool
  6. Take into your bathroom
  7. Dip your right middle finger in it and pray all what you want in it and all what you don’t want in your life in it
  8. Bath with it without soap and sponge with prayers
  9. Don’t clean your body with towel
  10. Go to bed and sleep.

Depending on your situation, you may take this bath for 3 or 7 nights.
This straightforward bath has a lot of power. There are many people who will testify.


Get one coconut 🥥 turn all the water inside that coconut in to one cup put small red oil on it mix it together are say your wish prayer on it drink it once.


Get Skin of a snake 🐍
Bitter collar 7 seeds
Cat eye seed 3 pieces
One full bunch of alligator pepper 🌶️

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Put all the materials in burning pot, burn them well and grind well. Also make 7 incisions on your head and mix the remaining with black soap.

You will use it to bath for 14days, remember to use the powder you grind to rub the place of the incisions and the person will not eat in sleep again. It is very simple and very powerful Spell.

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