Important information you should know about your broom spiritually

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Let’s talk about some spiritual facts about Broom.

Brooms are frequently used in homes and businesses, but there are a few things to remember when using one.

(1) Never sweep outside with the same broom you use to sweep inside the house, or vice versa. By doing that, you invite some negative emotions from the outside into your home.

(2) Avoid using the broom to sweep the inside of the house after killing a wall gecko or spider with it. Spiritual agents employed to monitor individuals include wall geckos and spiders.

They transport negative energies with strong spiritual undertones. Do everything in your power to kill either of these critters as soon as you spot one in your room or anywhere else in the house. Keep it from escaping. If it does, it will turn its abilities back against you. Throw the broom or set it on fire once you’ve killed the animal with it.

(3) Avoid using the same broom to sweep the inside of the house after using it to remove cobwebs. Burn it or dispose of it.

Cobwebs are a type of spiritual tool used to obstruct someone’s path. At the very least once a week, you should clean your home of cobwebs. Your home is physically and spiritually sanitized.

(4) Don’t let anyone use your broom to sweep your house or your store. Do not obtain a broom from anyone else to perform the same. If you lend someone your broom for any reason, don’t use it again because doing so will attract negative spiritual forces to your domain. Obtain another.

(5) Always keep your broom vertically positioned against the wall, never horizontally positioned against the floor. This repels negative energies from your home or business.

(6) Always keep your broom standing upside down at the back of your door before going to sleep if you frequently have nightmares or can’t recall your dreams.

(7) Always keep your broom under your pillow before going to sleep if you eat or have sex in a dream.

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(8) Use the broom to spread small amounts of salt on the floor whenever you buy a new one and want to purify it. Then, use the broom to store the salt.

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