Use lemon peel to your treat joint pain

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It’s disturbing how we approach our health problems, spending so much money on problems that we can solve with little or no money.

Flexhealthtips takes a look at Lemon peel.

Lemon peel, rich in minerals and vitamins, greatly protects the bones of the human body and prevents osteoporosis, which is a weakening of the bones that occurs with age.

In fact, citrus peels, including lemon, have been shown in a study to have significant anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive (analgesic) properties.

In addition, the significant content of this citrus fruit in calcium allows it to solidify the skeleton of the human body by protecting and optimizing its growth from an early age.


  • Two organic lemons
  • Olive oil


To start, take the zest of your two lemons and put them in an airtight jar. Then add the olive oil and close the jar. Let your mixture sit for 15 days, before filtering the preparation.

Soak a sterile compress or cotton ball in the lotion and apply it to the affected area.

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Then cover this part with cling film and a woolen scarf and leave to act overnight. Repeat this operation three times a week for good results. Apply preferably at night when your joints are at rest.

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