Spiritual benefits of Urine

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Urine is one of the most potent waste products a person can create. It collects in the bladder and exits through the urethra to the outer world, yet at the same time, it’s the greatest gift that Almighty God has given us, serving many purposes for our benefit.

In order to overcome any negativity in your body and life, you must have a very strong physical and spiritual foundation.

The first urine you will urinate after midnight is the early morning urine. You can urinate into a cup or a clean glass.

Use it as a face cleanser and drink it for seven days to experience the benefits.

1. To deactivate bad luck

The odds and the stars may be covering your face as you stroll along the road. It can occasionally be constant for some people, which can lead to dissatisfaction, failures, stagnation, and many other negative effects.

Use your left hand to collect your urine in the early morning without speaking to anyone, then wash your face and head three times. After waiting about 30 minutes, take your morning bath.

You won’t see it again if you keep doing this for a week.

2. Stomach problem.

Early in the morning, drink some urine; it’s magical.

3. An unhealed injury.

Every day, wipe the wound with urine. It’ll heal more quickly.

4. Undetermined illness

Give the patient half a cup of pee to drink every morning after collecting urine for three days.

5. Skin irritations and imperfections.

Always take a bath in your pee; you’ll have bright skin again in seven days.

6. Pimples and acne.

You’ll be shocked by the results if you apply your urine to your face.

7. Eyesight issues.

One drop at a time, pour urine into each eye.

8. Poison counteractant.

To make the victim vomit this poison, simply collect the urine in a clean basin and drink.

9. Having issues with your life, finances, or anything else.

Take a bath in your mother’s or wife’s urine. You’ll be set free in no time, and you’ll notice how your paths are miraculously opening up.

10. Having financial issues in your store or do you believe someone else is to blame for that?

Test your urine… urinate in a plastic container all night, then sprinkle the urine all over the store.

11. Every mother’s

You may keep harmful hands from touching your kids by occasionally bathing them in your pee.

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