Remedy to cure Gonorrhea in men and women

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The bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the source of the STI gonorrhea.

Other names for gonorrhea include gonorrhoea and hot piss.

Any sort of sexual activity (genital, ano-genital, bucco-genital) with a gonococcus-infected person might result in the transmission of this infection.

Additionally, during childbirth, it may be passed from mother to kid.

This typical STI frequently affects warm, wet parts of the body, including the:

  • The tube via which the bladder excretes urine, the urethra
  • Throat
  • Eyes
  • vagina
  • anus
  • fallopian tubes, cervix, and uterus make up the female reproductive tract.

How can one get Gonorrhea and also prevent it??

Having oral, anal, or vaginal sex can result in gonorrhea infection or transmission.

The likelihood of developing or transmitting STIs like gonorrhea can be significantly decreased by using a condom or other barrier technique when having intercourse.

Just keep in mind that sometimes, especially if you don’t apply these barrier methods correctly, your risk won’t be entirely eliminated.

Anyone can get gonorrhea, regardless of their age or gender, although teens and young adults between the ages of 15 and 24 are most susceptible.

Gonorrhea that is left untreated might result in infertility and long-term health issues.

However, using antibiotics to treat the illness can help lessen your risk of developing health issues.

The infection most frequently shows up in men 2 to 6 days after sexual activity, contaminating by an abundant flow of pus at the end of the penis, with intense burning when urinating (“hot-piss”), or when we neglect a little, we see the appearance of white liquid coming out of the penis in the underwear.

When we minimize this evil a little, it grows and causes men to develop prostate infections, which makes it appear more terrible than anything we might imagine.

However, in 10% of cases, there may be no symptoms at all.

Women typically only have minor vaginal discharge, tingling in the bladder, and nebulous lower abdominal ache.

Infertility is a result of women’s negligence.


1. Clove

Cloves powder
2. Two oranges



To make a fine powder, finely crush the cloves.

Add a small amount of the powder to the orange juice after squeezing the juice from two oranges into a glass.


You will be cured if you do this every morning and every night for two weeks.

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NOTE: Drink plenty of high-quality green coconut juice to treat urinary issues or (a lot of natural water)

For infections of the female genitalia

Find cashew nuts, calcine them, and grind them up well. Then, combine them with shea butter and a little salt.

The woman then used the mixture for s3x (it also cures skin infections, that is to say small pimples which appears at the s3x between the legs.)

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