Some simple trick to attract divine favour or protection

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Let’s talk some Spiritual tricks you don’t know with plants.

Spirituality has different meanings for different people, often influenced by the ideologies you grew up with. Maybe you associate spirituality with religion or cultural traditions.

Perhaps your concept of spirituality is experienced in nature, in one another, or within oneself.

Spirituality is a personal practice. No matter what path is chosen, they all converge upon something you desire on some level—the need for connection, purpose, and happiness.

  1. Always keep garlic on you before leaving your house because it is a powerful protector and return to sender.

2.  Rub garlic in your hands before greeting someone you don’t trust.

3.  To be lucky in all areas and to have large openings, put 2 bay leaves each in your shoes before leaving the house

4.  Before going to file your file, rub bay leaf or African basil on your files so that your request is quickly accepted.

5.  If you are looking for a job, keep a magnet and a smooth silver coin on you

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