Some life hacks to protect yourselve from bad energy’s

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Welcome to Flexhealthtips where we bring you Natural and spiritual remedies to treat and save money.

Flexhealthtips takes a look at some life tips to protect yourself.

(1) Wash your hands with water and salt every evening before bed to get rid of the bad energies you pick up throughout the day.

(2) Place a garlic clove under your pillow; it will protect you and give you sweet dreams.

(3) Garlic skins are frequently burned on Fridays to attract in money.

(4) To prevent conflicts, blow cinnamon powder throughout every room of your home.

(5) Place very limes behind the door to repel bad energy.

(6) Always keep a bay leaf and a clove next to a coin from your country in your wallet to ensure that money never disappears.

(7) Put alum stones under your bed to dispel any lingering forces that are bothering you.

(8) Before going to bed in the evening, place your shoes in the shape of a cross. This will help you get a good night’s sleep and keep nightmares at bay.

(9) Regularly clean your home with vinegar and salt to remove negative energy.

(10) Always use orange or lemon leaves to spray your home to attract prosperity and abundance to you.

(11) Place a mirror at the front of your home to deflect negative energy.

(12) If you experience weariness, add coarse salt to the water for your bath.

(13) To ensure safety, place scissors or rusty nails under your mattress or mat.

(14) If you believe you are being attacked by a supernatural force, burn incense and sprinkle salt water around your home.

(15) If you don’t have any love in your life, light some rose incense and breathe in the smoke. This will help you attract real love.

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