Mixture of cola and moringa for the treatment of certain diseases.

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Moringa leaf has been promoted as a solution for intestinal illnesses because of its phytochemical properties, which have been appeared to help battle wilderness fever and different contaminations.

Besides, when this moringa leaf is splashed in dry gin, the puzzling juice has been appeared to improve sexual drive and lower glucose levels. That is the reason it is regularly alluded to as a powerful occasion blossom.


Bitter kola is an edible nut that have proven safe for human consumption with lots of health benefits. It helps the body to adapt to stress by stimulating–and helping the immune system, act as an effective microbial agent, treat Ulcer and many others.

A study shows when eating bitter kola when an infection starts may help fight the infection and make you feel better more quickly.

Below are the health benefits with these two medicinal plants mixed together:

  •  Treatment of erectile dysfunction
  •  Treatment for diabetes
  •  Increase metabolic rate
  •  Improves muscle strength.
  •  Prostate cancer
  •  Strengthen the immune system
  •  Reduce the risk of asthma
  •  Fight against bacteria and infections
  •  Prevent inflammation
  •  Prevent kidney problems
  •  Detoxify the body
  •  Prevent premature aging
  •  Increases mental clarity

Flexhealthtips takes a look at two (2) methods to prepare this remedy for your safe consumption.


  • Moringa leaves
  • 7 bitter kola


First of all, wash the moringa leaves in salt water to kill any germs that might be on it. The mixture of cola powder and Soak moringa leaves in lukewarm water and add fine powder of Kola.

This method is effective in improving sexual desire, lowering blood pressure and lowering sugar levels.


Drink a cup twice a day, morning and evening OR drink at least three times a day for 5 days to end poor performance and also increase your libido.


Dont forget to wash the moringa leaf in salt water to kill any germs that might be on it. Blend the moringa leaves with 7 bits of bitter kola together and extract the juice. Store it in your refregerator for safe usage.


Take 5 spoon in the morning, afternoon and evening after meals.

Moringa and bitter kola mix has also shown to help decrease the stress hormone that causes erectile and sexual dysfunction in men. The vitamins in them are essential for sexual arousal.

The extracts of moringa and bitter kola produce androgenic effects which enhance sexual drive and increase increases the health of sexual organs.

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