Amazing Moringa health tips

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Welcome to Flexhealthtips where we bring u Natural Remedies to treat and and save money.

Let’s talk about amazing benefits of MORINGA…

Herbal tea 1-fatigue, intellectual fatigue, diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis B.

Product : Moringa oleifera leaves (yovokpatin in Goun and Minan, kpatima in Fon)

Preparation: Dry the fresh leaves and reduce them to a fine powder then put them in a jar.

Directions for use: Put a tablespoon of 15 ml of the powder in a litre and a half of lukewarm water. 15 minutes later, consume the mixture thus obtained during the day. Repeat the operation for 7 days.

Herbal tea 2 – Anemia, memory problems, asthenia, rheumatism, prostatitis, bronchitis, excess cholesterol.

Products: Transform the dry leaves of moringa into powder and take a teaspoonful, 3 times a day in the middle of the meal. This powder is a powerful food supplement, I would say a super alicament.

Herbal tea 3 – Sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, general fatigue, low blood pressure, feverish state.

Product: Take a teaspoon of moringa powder + two nutmegs.

Directions for use: Chew properly and swallow the whole, 2 to 3 times a day.

NB: Young people and adults will rightly appreciate this product.

Herbal tea 4 – Sexual weakness and premature ejaculation.

a) Remedy 1.

Products : A bottle of 1litre, moringa oleifera seeds, nutmeg seeds, small cola (garcinia kola) or cola (cola acuminata or nitita), black peppers, coffee seeds (coffea arabica), moringa root peel (a little), xylopia aethiopica (kpéjélé in Goun and Fon), cassia siebériana root (sindian in Bambara, efo in Yorouba), lemon zest, moringa leaves and coconut cake.

Preparation: Place all the slightly crushed seeds in the bottle in equal proportions, add the roots and root bark, then the leaves and coconut cakes. Add a small glass of good honey and fill the bottle with sodabi or whisky or white wine or green coconut juice.

Instructions for use: Take a small glass of Madeira twice a day to be permanently active. But 30 minutes before going into action, a shot will do you a lot of good and your partner will be very pleased.

b) Remedy 2 (infallible for your pain).

Products: A 1 litre bottle, petit cola (garcinia cola), carpolobia lutea root (aviatin in Goun and Fon), caesalpinia bonduc root (ajikun dô), voacanga africana root (agbosu ningla in Goun and Fon), carissa edulis root (ahanzo dô), 7 crushed African muskrat (sassalikoun), ceropegia sp roots (cirigun dô in fon and goun), moringa root peel (a little), xylopia aethiopica (kpéjélé in goun and fon), a little lemongrass.

Preparation: Put everything in the bottle and add alcohol or whisky or another solvent.

Directions for use: Take a glass of Madeira (small glass) twice a day to be permanently active. But 30 mn before passing to the act, a catch will make you a great good and your partner will be quite delighted.

Herbal tea 5-Memory aid for parents, pupils and students.

Products: Powder from dried moringa leaves, good honey and a ripe lemon.

Directions for use: In the mornings, make a homogeneous mixture of one tablespoon of the powder, one tablespoon of honey and lemon juice and then drink or laps.

Herbal tea 6-Sinusitis.

Regularly inhale moringa roots.

Herbal tea 7-Care for pregnant women

a-Varice, stretch marks.

Regularly rub shea butter or iguana fat on the stomach.

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