To have a wonderful and seductive voice as a singer

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Let’s talk about Voice.

You have a bad voice and you really want to get better??

You want to be the Celine Dion in front of all the men and make them crack??

You are a singer and you want to have a very beautiful voice?

You often give speeches and would like to seduce the audience every time you speak?

You want all the girls to be fans of your voice?

You want to have a very beautiful and honeyed voice?

Look no further, this is the best solution to your problem.


  1. 7 orange for men and 9 for women
  2. Pure honey


Suck the oranges and keep the pips (seeds) that you will dry well and then crush to have a fine powder.

You will then mix this powder with good honey (pure honey) and you will lap up little by little.

NB: do not lose any pips (seeds). Don’t negotiate the price of the orange.

It is the seeds that interest us, You don’t have to suck. You can also squeeze in a bowl and collect the seeds.

This recipe is great for anyone who likes to sing or give speeches.

This works like Magic, you can thank me later.

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