The Secret Of Bay Leaves to Attract wealth and Happiness

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Bay leaves which is also known as bay laurel, has been acknowledged for ages as strong vibrational power.

This popular spice might be helpful if you want to improve the energy in your home, draw in money, or manifest love!

Here are some advantages of incorporating bay leaves into your spiritual practice which are extremely powerful.

(1) Are you’re in debt, have bills to pay, and don’t know what to do?

(2) Are you unsure of what to do when you don’t have anything to cheer up your family for the upcoming New Year’s celebrations?

(3) All silver doors are locked at your level?

No man gives you a great sum; only the meager scraps?

(4) Do you lack the necessary funding and are looking for a loan for a project involving travel, construction, training, or sales?

(5) You make pledges all over the place, but no one ever counts you?

(6) You are weaker financially and economically?


Spiritual benefits of bay leaves
14 bay leaves (without any holes or wounds)


2 liters of water



Boil the 2 liters of water one evening before you go to bed. Turn off the heat once the water reaches a rolling boil, then add the 14 bay leaves, allow it to stand for 15 minutes before use. Take a shower without soap or a sponge after 15 minutes.

Recite this prayer one again at the conclusion of your vows after making your wishes for attracting money, prosperity, luck, and open doors.

Pray this prayer:

“The positive energy of prosperity is in my life, cleanse all my negative energies. All that is positive emerges as the doors open! Blessed am I, truly!


You’ll be shocked and amazed at the cash inflows in the days that follow.

NOTE: For men, perform this routine three days in a row; for women, four straight days in a row.

You can take a regular bath with soap and a sponge before bWeginning the ritual.

Below are other secrets of Bay Leaves. 

(7) Place a Bay leaf under your pillow in order to experience lucid dreams, clairvoyance and astral travel.

Bay leaves have a reputation for enhancing psychic powers, especially those associated with the “clairs”: This basically means that bay leaves can help you improve your extrasensory perception so you can connect with the universe, receive psychic messages, and communicate with your spiritual team.

The same technique is useful for lucid dreaming and astral projection, both of which are challenging skills that, when mastered, can help you establish a connection with your ancestors.

(8) Use salt and bay leaves to purify or cleanse your body and space.

SeaSea salt

Salt can act as an energetic cleanser and an amplifier of other spiritual tools, much like clear quartz can (such as bay leaves). As a result, adding salt to any bay leaf ceremony can increase its potency.

You may try putting bowls of sea salt in each room of your house, topped with bay leaves. You could also take a bay leaf bath by filling your bath with a cup of sea salt or epsom salt and a few bay leaves.

(9) Bay leaf to attract wealth

You can write what you want on a bay leaf in addition to writing your problems and pressures on one! In order to draw wealth, use these strategies:

On the bay leaf, first, write your goals. Remember that not all of these need to be about money; “plenty” can also refer to things like material possessions, a healthy body, a welcoming society, etc.

As you hold the bay leaf and imagine your desires after writing them down, do so. Imagine yourself receiving them and feel that way in your mind. Consider taking your time.

The bay leaf should be put in your wallet once you’re finished. This energy of abundance will follow you wherever you go from now on. By doing so, you will let the universe know that you’re prepared to get anything you desire.

(10) Bay leaf for manifestation of ritual

You can perform the aforementioned abundance ritual even if you don’t keep the bay leaf in your wallet.

Just write your desires—what you want to manifest—on the bay leaf as mentioned in the previous sentence. Spend a lot of time picturing what you are manifesting while holding the bay leaf.

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This time, you’ll burn the bay leaf instead of preserving it. As before, you are welcome to burn sage or other materials with your bay leaf. As your leaves burn, picture your aspirations floating upward and uniting with Source energy. Then, let Source fulfill your aspirations on your behalf.

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