Stop throwing Garlic Skins away and make Amazing Remedies with it

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Do you know that the Russians never discard the skins from garlic? They gather and keep them for a variety of reasons.

Preparations made from garlic peel have been shown to be effective rejuvenation treatments.

These medications also contribute to issues with the kidneys, bladder, and cardiovascular system. They are also utilized to remove toxins from the body.

Garlic peels are used by Russians to cleanse the body, increase circulation, and stay in shape. Why is this the most magical asset? Find out!

To rejuvinate

Drink two to three glasses every day for one to two months after soaking three handfuls of garlic skins in three cups of water overnight.

The recommendations state that men should consume the mixture in the first half of the month and women in the second.

Preparation for body cleansing

One teaspoon of finely powdered garlic skin in a cup of water should be boiled for 10 to 15 minutes.

Following a 30-minute steeping period, drain the mixture, and then consume one tablespoon three times every day for a month.

Restart the treatment twice in a row after a ten-day pause.

To prevent colds and flu

Pour a few garlic peels over a hot pan and inhale in the smoke that produces. repeated every day for a week.

Eat a pinch of powdered powder skins daily to boost your immune system.

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Use now if you have diarrhea

A tablespoon of the powdered skins should be consumed at a time. Just do it for one or two days.

Warning: Garlic cannot be used to stop diarrhea because it can result in constipation.

A steam bath

Boil two skins of garlic cloves in two cups of water, wait five minutes after it reaches a boil before adding lemon zest. Spend 20 minutes in a steam bath.

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