Some Health and Spiritual Benefits of cassava that may save you

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Let’s talk about Cassava benefits.

Cassava leaves as we all know has healthy addition to diet that can help prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer.

Below are both Spiritual and physical benefits of Cassava you should know.

1. Have a powerful tongue

Eat or chew fresh cassava leaves without anyone seeing you.

2. Protection and return to sender

Put a small piece of cassava stem in your pocket or purse where ever you go.

3. To avoid bad energy’s in your home

Place a cassava stalks in hidden corners of your house to drive away bad waves.

4. To delay urine and toilet

Gently rub seven cassava leaves in your palm, place it in your handkerchief and tie it around your waist or in your pocket.

Chiefs and dignitaries use this when they are in public gatherings and also brides and grooms use during their weddings.

5. To park a snake

Get a cassava stalks and throw them at a snake and it will automatically become a statue in front of you, it will no longer move.

6. To treat incured wounds

Just get dry cassava leaves then grind to a fine powder, pour some amount of this powder in the wound after each cleaning

7. Antibiotics

Often make cassava leaves vegetable sauce very regularly.

8. Rheumatism and fever

Crush or blend fresh cassava leaves and strain with a clean cloth to extract the juice, take this juice a glass morning and evening

9. Boost your sperm Quality

Often eat raw cassava with palm kernels every morning for a month

10. Premature ejaculation and Sexual weakness

Often eat raw cassava with bitter kola to cure you from being a minute man.

11. Chronic Stomach pain

Prepare cassava leaves plus papaya leaves and drink. You will have a relief in no time.

12. Stop Bed-wetting

Pluck three (3) cassava leaves and tire it around the waist of the bed-wetter. He or she should sleep with it for three (3) days and the bed-wetting will be a thing of the past.

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These are all proven spiritual and physical benefit which are being used by many herbal, plant medicine practitioners and people all across Africa.

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