Prostate treatment with Spring Onion and Palm Kernel

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Let’s talk about prostate cancer and its treatment.

Cancer is a condition where the body’s cells proliferate uncontrollably. Prostate cancer is the name given to cancer that first appears in the prostate.

A larger prostate indicates that the gland has expanded.
As men age, almost all experience prostate enlargement.

The prostate gland contributes to the fluid that delivers sperm during ejaculation.
The prostate surrounds the urethra, the passageway via which urine exits the body.

The urethra, which connects the bladder to the penis, travels via the centre of the prostate, where urine leaves the body.
The prostate secretes a substance that supports and protects sperm.


It is unclear what causes prostate enlargement in its true form.

In addition to testosterone levels, aging-related variables and alterations in testicular cells may affect the formation of the gland.
BPH does not occur in young men who had their testicles removed due to a condition like testicular cancer.

Furthermore, the prostate starts to get smaller if the testicles are removed after a man has BPH.

It isn’t a typical course of treatment for an enlarged prostate, though.


A persistent urge to urinate Having to wake up multiple times through the night to use the bathroom.

Urine or menstrual blood.

Urinating that hurts or burns.

Ejaculation that hurts.

Frequent discomfort or stiffness in the upper thighs, pelvis, lower back, or hips.
Pee dribbles.


Discomfort or burning during urinating.

Having trouble starting and stopping when urinating, or having trouble urinating.

Heightened nighttime urination needs.
Bladder control issues.

Decreased stream speed or flow rate of urine.

Urine containing blood (hematuria)
Semen with blood in it.


With the help of this treatment, the prostate gradually shrinks and ceases pressing against the urethra, facilitating better urination.

After three to four months of treatment, they can reduce the prostate’s size by roughly a fourth.

If taken longer, they can cause the prostate to shrink even more.

I have the good news you have been waiting for—the necessary treatment to help shrink an enlarged prostate is now available.
There are only two ingredients that you need:

  • Palm Kernel
  • Spring Onions


Remove the roots, wash the leaves in plain water, crush the leaves to bind them together, and then place the past in a clean bottle with enough room for a spoonful to soak.

Purchase a 75 cl bottle of fried palm kernel oil, add a few drops to the batter, and stir thoroughly with a spoon.


Take two tablespoons each morning and night.

The signs and symptoms will go away permanently after two weeks.
No negative effects have been tested and confirmed.

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