Natural Birth control for Married couples

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contraceptive is use to prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation, fertilization, and implantation.

Girls do not sabotage your body with strange birth control pills as I am here talk about Natural contraceptive.

This is a product that God has given us and we have no idea how effective it will be.

Have you ever wondered what your grandparents did without contraceptives?

Natural Contraceptive

I’m here today to talk to you about these tiny papaya seeds.

Natural method of birth control or Natural Contraceptive.

The below tips should only be used by married women because I do not support s3xual immorality.

How can papaya seeds be used instead of pills?

Purchase a papaya, then take the seeds, which you will wash and dry.

For people with a typical build, consume 7 papaya seeds in the morning and evening (minimum 60 kilos and more).

For people who are underweight, consume three seeds each morning and evening (less than 60 kilos).

Although it’s a little bitter, it’s better if you can eat it.

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Warning: Pregnant women should not consume papaya seeds.

Simply stop taking it when you’re ready to become pregnant.

It is natural, safe and free of negative side effects.

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