How to treat internal hemorrhoid and erectile dysfunction

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Your favourite Doctor is here again with hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction treatment.

Hemorrhoids are seldom held responsible for erectile dysfunction. The relationship between the two, however, has some reality.

Men who have had hemorrhoids in the last year are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction, according to research.

These two conditions seem to be at odds with one another.

Patients with erectile dysfunction have inadequate blood supply to the pen!s. In the event of hemorrhoids, veins within the rectum protrude. In this study, we look into the relationship between hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction.

Relationship between Hemorrhoids & Erectile Dysfunction

First, The pain caused by hemorrhoids must first be managed before treating young men who have Erectile Dysfunction, which is purportedly caused by the presence or history of hemorrhoids within the past year. Hemorrhoids’ associated pain can be exceedingly challenging to endure.

A reduction in hemorrhoids pain may alleviate some of the discomfort.

Hemorrhoids cause a range of symptoms, including intestinal hemorrhage, significant discomfort during sitting and subsequently, itching or irritation at the anus, and so on.

If you have to push firmly during bowel movements on a frequent basis, you are more likely to get hemorrhoids since this causes varicose veins to expand.

Below are remedies that treat hemorrhoid and erectile dysfunction.


Hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction Treatment
How to treat internal hemorrhoid and erectile dysfunction
  1. Mango bark

  2. Mango leaf

  3. Three cloves of garlicHemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction Treatment

Hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction Treatment
  1. Two lemon


Boil for 10 minutes and drink in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening at bedtime for a month.

Even those who have pain in the hips.

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