How to get pregnant easily

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Let’s talk about how to get pregnant easily…

The trick improves the quality of cervical mucus which will help you get pregnant easily.


  • Clove
  • bay leaves


Boil water until boiling off the heat add 10 bay leaves and 30 cloves.

Leave to infuse all day, close until 24 hours the next morning drink 2 glasses of tea each morning on an empty stomach and in the evening at bedtime until the next period and stop the treatment during menstruation.

Good luck to you moms.

NB: Renew the trick every 4 days so you must have enough cloves and bay leaves.

Drink this before the game and testify to others.

  • MALTA Guinness,
  •  Clove powder.
  •  Milk Spike

Mix it all together and take four scoops in the morning and in the evening, you take an hour before the game, you will come and thank me later.

WOMEN, your man will no longer recognize you in bed.

IT IS ALSO VERY MEDICAL when taken for three days it solves most of your health problems.

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