HOT WATER 100% effective for treating certain health issues

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What are the Benefits of hot water: Your favourite Doctor is here again with health benefits of Hot Water remedies  to treat lots of health challenging issues.

Believe me, what Hot Water does to your system will astound you. Please share this life-saving information with your family and friends.

A panel of Japanese experts has proved that HOT WATER is completely effective in treating specific health issues. Such as;

1 Migraine

2 High blood pressure

3 Low blood pressure

4 Joint pain

5 Sudden increase and decrease in heartbeat

6 epilepsy

7 Increased cholesterol levels

8 Cough

9 Body discomfort

10 Pain Golu

11 Asthma

12 Pertussis

13 Whitening veins

14 Diseases related to the uterus and bladder

15 stomach problems

16 Poor appetite

17 Also all diseases related to the eyes, ear and throat.

18 Headaches



When your stomach is empty, get up early in the morning and drink roughly 4 glasses of warm water. You might not be able to drink four glasses at first, but you will get there.

NOTE: Do not eat anything within 45 minutes of taking water.

Warm water therapy will resolve health issues within a reasonable time such as:

  •  Diabetes in 30 days
  •  Blood pressure in 30 days
  •  Stomach problems in 10 days
  •  All types of cancer in 9 months
  •  Whitening veins in 6 months
  •  Low appetite in 10 daysUterus and
  • related diseases in 10 days
  • Nostril, ear and throat problems in 10 days
  • Women’s menstruation problems in 15 days
  • Heart disease in 30 days
  • Headache / migraine in 3 days
  • Cholesterol in 4 months
  • Continuous epilepsy and paralysis in 9 months
  • Asthma in 4 months



If cold water does not effect you when you are young, it will damage you later in life.

Cold water induces a heart attack by closing four cardiac veins. Cold beverages are the leading causes of heart attacks.

It also causes issues with the liver. It causes fat to cling to the liver. The majority of those awaiting a liver transplant succumb to the effects of drinking cold water.

Cold water has an effect on the stomach’s inner walls. It causes cancer by affecting the large intestine.

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