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Hepatitis B is a severe liver infection brought on by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). Hepatitis B infection can develop chronic for certain people, meaning it lasts longer than six months.

Having chronic hepatitis B raises your risk of getting liver cancer, liver failure, or cirrhosis, which permanently scars the liver.

Flexhealthtips takes a look at hepatitis B cure leaf.

Phyllanthus Amarus, also known as Chanka leaf, Stone beaker, or Ewe eyin olobe in Yoruba.

Phyllanthus predominantly contains lignans (such as phyllanthine and hypophyllanthine), alkaloids, and flavonoids (such as quercetin).

The hepatitis B virus requires DNA polymerase, which phyllanthus prevents from functioning.

One of the key blood markers of HBV infection was eliminated in 59 percent of people with chronic viral hepatitis B, according to one study.

It has been established that this plant, which is widespread, is a blessing from God for the treatment of our numerous illnesses and disorders.

Please take a moment to scan your surroundings; you will eventually spot this plant, which is both common and potent.

This plant is most beneficial for people with hapatitis B.

It contains 25 chemical activities and characteristics that have been demonstrated.


One handful of the plant should be boiled in 1 liter of water for fifteen minutes in a pot with a tight-fitting lid.

NOTE: If you can see steam escaping or smell a scent, your lid is not secure enough, and precious substances are leaking out.

After you’ve possibly squeezed the leaves and seeds out, you may store it in the refrigerator, but it only lasts for three days before going bad.

However, it shouldn’t last longer than a week. You can boil enough and store in the fridge.


Consume half or one cup on an empty stomach twice every day.

Children should only take 25% of the adult dosage.

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Go for another test after 30 days; if there is still evidence of hepatitis in your body, continue treatment for another two weeks before getting another test.

Hepatitis B will entirely disappear from your system, leaving no trace behind.

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