Do you know Tomatoes are good for your Health and Skin??

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

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Your favourite Doctor is here again with health benefits of Hot Water remedies  to treat lots of health challenging issues.

Believe me, it will surprise you to know what raw and cooked tomatoes can do to your health and skin.

Do you know Tomato lycopene lowers the risk of stroke.?

The tomato remains one of the best friends of our cardiovascular system because of lycopene, which is unquestionably very benevolent.

This is because it fights against bad cholesterol and lowers platelet aggregation (which facilitates the formation of clots blood).

Thus, studies have demonstrated that the risk of heart issues decreases with increasing carotenoid intake.

Thus, the biggest tomato users would have a reduced risk of heart failure of 26% and cardiovascular illness of 17%.

Scientists claim that lycopene begins to actually benefit health at 6 milligrams per day, or the equivalent of 2 tomatoes.

Since cooking boosts lycopene’s bioavailability and increases the antioxidant’s potency, tomato sauce is a fantastic substitute.

Below are some Skin Benefits of tomatoes

You don’t need to seek far and wide for components that can give you healthy, radiant skin when it comes to skin care.

It has a number of nutrients and vitamins that are good for the skin and can give you the skin of your dreams.Here’s how to use tomatoes’ advantages to treat common skin issues.


There are several ways that tomatoes are good for the skin, but this is the most well-known one. People with oily or acne-prone skin frequently worry about excessive oil production. It might detract from appearance overall and make it challenging to maintain makeup.

Try this all-natural technique that uses tomatoes if you are sick of wiping oil off your face.


Doctors best advise - health benefits of Tomatoes
health benefits of Tomatoes

Use a tomato cut in half to massage your face.

For skin that is supple, matte, and smooth, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off.

Regular application will address the issue of excessively oily skin and restore the pH balance of your skin.


Your skin becomes dull and uneven over time as a result of attracting dirt, oil, pollution, and other damaging elements from the environment.

Because this filth becomes ingested into the skin’s pores, regular cleaning is insufficient to remove it. By eliminating the top layer of dead skin cells, tomato enzymes gently exfoliate the skin.


Although you may have heard that you may mix sugar and tomato pulp and apply the mixture to your skin, we advise using this as a body scrub exclusively.

Your face has delicate skin that is easily irritated by sugar particles.

To benefit from tomato for the skin, you can use the pulp in its current form.


Certain cosmetic and skincare components might irritate your skin, and using anti-acne treatments excessively can exacerbate existing acne.

Tomatoes have many anti-inflammatory chemicals, which help to reduce skin sensitivity and inflammation.


Tomato Pulp
Tomato Pulp – health benefits of Tomatoes

One tomato’s pulp can be applied to the face by scooping out the pulp, adding freshly squeezed cucumber juice, mixing well.

15-20 minutes later, wash.

Repeat daily until the sensitivity and inflammation are gone from your skin.


Skin that is dull and uneven may result from poor skincare practices or failing to use sunscreen. The advantages of tomatoes can assist in solving this issue.

Tomatoes, which are high in the vitamins C, E, and beta carotene, lighten, brighten, and reveal the skin’s natural color.


Take one tomato’s juice and combine it with just enough sandalwood powder and turmeric powder to make a mixture.

On your face, apply this skin-brightening pack, then unwind as it dries.

If you wash the mask, you’ll see a difference!

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Check out some Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

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