Detoxification and boosting fertility naturally

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Let’s talk about cleansing or detoxify the body.

If you detox or cleanse, you could improve your health and fertility in several ways.


  1. 2 Turmeric
  2. 3 Garlic
  3. 2 ginger and
  4. 1 lemon.

Boil 15 mins on fire and allow it to settle before you drink. Take 1 glass cup in the morning, 1 glass cup in the evening.

Drink this mixture for 4 days and experience the goodness of your health.

Below are the benefits after using the above remedy.

  1. Improve conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, cysts and PCOS.
  2. Balance your hormones naturally.
  3. Optimize your liver and kidneys to perform better.
  4. Give your digestive system a chance to rest, strengthen and heal.
  5. Avoid chromosomal abnormalities in your eggs.
  6. Improve the lining of the uterus.
  7. Lose weight.
  8. Get more quality energy.
  9. Have better quality sleep.
  10. More focus.
  11. Improved mood.
  12. Fight unnecessary anxiety.
  13. Have healthier skin and hair.
  14. Reset your body health.
  15. Get better quality eggs and sperm.
  16. Avoid chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
  17. Ovulation comes on time.
  18. Good sperm production.

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