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Let’s talk about Dandelion and Onion for Cataract treatment.

Cataract is an eye disease that affects one in two people over the age of 65. It is the first cause of blindness in the world, although it is very easily diagnosed by an eye examination.

This disease blurs the lens, which impairs and weakens the function of vision, ranging from progressive blurring to “temporary blindness”.

Usually occurs in both eyes, but the course is different. Surgery is the only medicine that official medicine has, but natural medicine has a whole range of products.


Onions and dandelion

You can make a simple remedy for cataracts by extracting onion juice and mixing it with distilled water. Put three to four drops in your eyes three or four times a day. It’s normal for your eyes to water.

The effect can be increased if you mix onion juice with dandelion leaf juice: harvest the fresh leaves, wash well, then extract the juice and mix with the previous juice.

Put three to four drops in the eyes several times a day. After 45 minutes of each introduction of the drops. This will heal the eye and it will gradually return to normal.

It is much easier to deal with when treatment starts earlier.

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