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Taameawu also known as Bryophyllum Pinnatum or Kalanchoe Pinnata is among the most potent gifts from nature. Placing it beneath your pillow can ward off nightmares and protect against spiritual disturbances.

Caution: It is advised that ladies avoid urinating on this plant to prevent potential fertility issues, and gentlemen should also refrain from doing the same to safeguard against potential impotence.

Here are some additional benefits:

1. Kidney Stone Relief:

  • For those dealing with kidney stones, administer 40-50 ml of the decoction made from the whole plant twice daily.

2. Urinary System Support:

  • Alleviate thirst and urinary system disorders by providing the patient with 5 ml of the leaf juice.
  • For male urinary issues, combine 40-60 ml of the plant’s decoction with 2 gm of honey and administer twice daily.

3. Boil Treatment:

  • Gently warm the leaves and crush them, then apply as a poultice to affected areas. This remedy effectively treats boils, redness, and swelling.

4. Hypertension Management:

  • Control blood pressure by giving 5-10 drops of the extract from the plant’s aerial parts.

5. Leukemia Support:

  • Administer 5-10 drops of the extract from its aerial parts twice daily. It has shown promise in aiding the treatment of blood cancer.

6. Vaginal Health:

  • For women experiencing vaginal issues, prepare a decoction by mixing 40-60 ml with 2 gm of honey, and give this twice daily.

7. Headache Relief:

  • Crush the leaves and apply them to the forehead to alleviate headaches.

8. Eye Pain Relief:

  • Extract juice from the leaves and apply it around the eyes to soothe discomfort in the white part of the eyes.

9. Wound Healing:

  • Gently warm the leaves, crush them, and apply them to wounds. This promotes faster healing and reduces scarring.

10. Bleeding Diarrhea Management:

  • Provide the patient with 3-6 gm of leaf juice mixed with cumin seeds and double the amount of ghee three times a day to control blood flow during diarrhea.

11. Leucorrhoea Management:

  • Women suffering from leucorrhoea can benefit from using the leaf decoction twice daily to help regulate blood flow within blood vessels.

12. Piles Treatment:

  • Consume the leaf extract twice daily for effective home-based treatment of piles.

13. Liver Health:

  • Bryophyllum pinnatum promotes liver health and can aid in the speedy recovery from jaundice.

14. Ear Pain Relief:
– Apply the juice of the leaves to alleviate ear pain.

15. Boil Treatment:
– Crush a few leaves to create a poultice and apply it to boils, as well as redness and swelling of the skin.

16. Heart Health Support:
– It contributes to improved heart health.

17. Cold and Cough Relief:
– For common colds and coughs, mix the juice of the leaves with sugar candy. This remedy can also assist individuals dealing with asthma.

18. Stomachache Relief:
– Find relief from stomachaches by consuming a decoction made from the leaves.

19. Diuretic Action:
– Use the juice of Bryophyllum pinnatum leaves to address urinary disorders and excessive thirst. Consume 40-60 ml daily, morning and evening.

20. Teething Discomfort:
– Provide relief to babies during teething by using this plant.

Taameawu, also known as Bryophyllum Pinnatum or Kalanchoe Pinnata, offers a versatile range of health benefits. Always exercise caution and consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance on its usage.

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