7 Natural Remedies against toothache

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Tooth decay, an abscess, diseased gums, or a cracked tooth are just a few of the various reasons of toothache.

To put it mildly, toothaches may be very irritating and incapacitating.

Here are seven of the greatest natural home treatments for toothaches that you can use if you have a toothache but can’t get to the dentist right away.

7 Natural Remedies against toothache

(1) Brush your teeth daily with a mixture of clay powder and salt

(2) Swish around in your mouth one teaspoon of salt in a warm glass of water for 10-30 seconds spit out the water after 10-30 seconds.

Repeat until the glass is empty.

(3) Gentle apply few drops of clove oil on a cotton swab to the affected tooth.

Note: Mix the clove oil with equal parts of olive oil to dilute it if u feel the clove oil is too strong.

(4) Daily rub the roots with lemon peel to strengthen the tooth.

(5) Chew the guava leaves and savor the fruit’s juice.

(6) Apply a crushed garlic clove to the painful tooth, and the discomfort will go away. Simply rub a clove of garlic against your teeth and gums.

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(7) Mix 2 tablespoons of powdered ginger with 1 tablespoon of water until you get a thick paste.

Apply it to the painful tooth without touching the gum with a cotton ball.

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