19 Health tips for Ladies

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Your favourite Doctor is here again with health tips for ladies.

(1). Always shave your pubic hair and underarms. The days of having lots of hair are over.

(2). During your period, use quality pads, and replace them when they are full.

(3). Take a bath at least twice a day, preferably more frequently if you are menstruation.

(4). Always swap out your bra and pair of pants every three months at the very least.

(5). Take lots of yogurt and pineapples as a woman because these foods aid to keep the vagina healthy and sweet during s3x.

(6) Always wash your vagina after intercourse to prevent smell.

(7). Drink a lot of water each day to flush bacteria and diseases from your body.

(8). Before going to bed, give your breasts a massage. You will undoubtedly discover the lump earlier and seek medical attention if it is expanding.

(9). Never use soap of any type to cleanse your vagina. Only clean water is necessary. The natural bacteria that were put there to defend the area will be killed by the chemicals in the soap.

(10). If you enjoy giving your man the BlowJob, do everything in your power to brush your teeth afterwards.

It’s also crucial to drink a cup of lemon water in the morning after brushing your teeth to prevent mouth odor and infection.

(11). Everything you consume should strengthen you, whether it’s vegetables for immunity or whole grains for your heart. You’ll be healthier and slimmer if you make 85% of your decisions in this manner.

(12). Have a fruit or vegetable at every meal.

(13). Eat widely. In Thai and Indian cooking, flavors are enhanced by spices like cinnamon and turmeric, which also offer health advantages like preventing cancer.

(14). Consume less sugar and salt. Limit your daily salt consumption to 5g, or roughly 1 teaspoon.

Filipinos have twice the recommended sodium intake, which increases their risk of high blood pressure and, ultimately, heart disease and stroke. Salt is the main source of sodium for most individuals.

On the other side, ingesting too much sugar raises both children’s and adults’ risks for tooth decay and unhealthful weight gain.

(15). Abstain from drugs and alcohol. If you choose to consume alcohol, keep your daily intake to one glass of wine, one beer or 80 proof distilled spirits.

(16). To keep the sun off of your skin, wear hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Consult your doctor if you come across any unusual burns or marks you may get from the sun.

(17). Maintain appropriate hand hygiene. Everyone should practice good hand hygiene, not only healthcare professionals. The spread of contagious diseases can be stopped by using clean hands.

(18). Get tested: Knowing your health status, especially with regard to HIV, hepatitis B, sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), and tuberculosis, requires getting tested (TB). These illnesses can cause major consequences and even death if left untreated.

(19). Use antibiotics only as directed by a doctor: One of the greatest concerns to public health in our generation is antibiotic resistance.

Bacterial infections become more challenging to treat when antibiotic efficacy wanes, which raises healthcare expenditures, lengthens hospital stays, and increases mortality.

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